Pallet Garden Project

3 pallets, some compost and 2 bags of mulch create a garden in about an hour

I’ve been seeing all these garden projects using pallets and figured it’s time for me to give it a try. Being in the fireplace business we have access to all the cardboard and pallets we could ever use; I also have too many tomato and cucumber plants that are volunteering throughout the garden.

First I laid down lots of cardboard, creating a base about 5″ thick. The cardboard will decompose quickly and create some great soil.

Next I set the pallet in place. The first pallet happened to have uprights attached already, as it was designed for an electric fireplace we sell that must ship standing vertically.

Next I filled in the spaces between the bottom boards with compost, then planted 2 tomatoes and 3 climbing cucumbers in the first pallet.

Then I covered the compost and the cardboard with mulch to tidy up the appearance.

Then I figured I’d make an A-frame pallet planter too. I laid down more cardboard, angled the 2 pallets, tying them with metal wire at the top to stabilize them. I planted 2 cantaloupe plants on either side. My vision is to have the vines climb the frame. As fruit appears nestle them in bags which I’ll tie to the horizontal boards to support weight of the melon. I’ve saved some of those mesh bags that lemons and limes come in, and I think they’ll work great for this project.

So I already had the cardboard, the pallets, the compost, the tomato and cucumber plants plus 1 bag of mulch I found in the shed. After I set up the second pallet, I invested $4 for 1 bag of mulch and $1 for a 4-pack of cantaloupe plants. I’m hoping to get way more than $5 worth of produce and will put up more pictures after the plants get established.

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